Precast Concrete
CPCI Sustainable Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Lead and advocate the precast concrete industry’s contribution to a sustainable built environment and green building practices.

Communicate the sustainable attributes of precast concrete products, systems, and services within the construction industry.

Encourage the development of environmentally sound and sustainable practices in the design, procurement, production, transportation, and erection of precast concrete.

Foster the continuous improvement of precast concrete manufacturing and design practices to optimize material, water, energy efficiency, and minimize site disturbance.

Create achievable, yet stringent, goals to reduce our industry’s environmental impacts while enhancing our industry’s societal and economic impacts. Proactively report our industry’s impact on the environment.

Advise and educate industry members regarding sustainable practices; raise awareness of the effects of their actions on society and the environment; and communicate them about the financial benefits associated with sustainability. Formulate reliable, scientifically based information about the sustainable design with precast concrete.

Promote the sustainable benefits of precast concrete solutions to owners, developers, designers, municipalities, and all other interested parties. Become a trusted and credible knowledge source with regard to sustainability. Collaborate and partner with other organizations to research and develop design innovations and system solutions related to a sustainable built environment.


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