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Precast Concrete Achieves Sustainability Goals
Sustainability has become a watchword for owners and architects when designing new buildings, intermingled with terms such as "environmental friendliness" and "green building".

Total Precast Systems' Basic Building Block
In the Spring 2005 issue of Ascent, I made a case for using total-precast building systems, highlighting their structural efficiency, construction speed and design flexibility. This article describes some of the basics of how to design with those systems, introducing some fundamental issues associated with designing in architectural precast from an architect’s perspective.

Precast Helps Attain LEED Certification
It's only natural that officials at CH2M Hill would give "green" building factors a high priority when planning their new world headquarters in Englewood, Colo.

Sustainable Projects Utilize Precast Concrete's Benefits
Designers looking to create energy-saving, sustainable designs are incorporating precast concrete with other innovative concepts.

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